Join us

We hold our organization’s membership in the Coalition in high regard, and we will deploy all efforts to promote and advance its mission, namely by:

1. Complying with the Code of Conduct and compliance program applicable within the Coalition when carrying out its endeavors and activities;

2. Complying with any action pursued by the Coalition against a member organization or any other participant in its activities due to non-compliance to the Code of Conduct;

3. Complying with the anonymous complaint mechanism and transparent procedures of handling complaints in an unbiased environment.

4. Complying with the Coalition’s resolutions voted on by members, even in case of disagreement therewith.

5. Complying with the International Human Rights Law, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights and the general comments of the Human Rights Committee;

6. Abstaining from undermining the Coalition’s endeavors.

We acknowledge that members who violate the present charter or the other aforementioned documents of the Coalition will have their membership reviewed.