The “Freedom of Opinion and Expression Coalition” was established in Lebanon on July 13th, 2020. It encompasses 14 Lebanese and international organizations united with the common purpose of standing against the authorities’ attempts to repress freedom of opinion and expression in the country. In fact, the Coalition’s member organizations have documented an alarming rise in the number of violations of freedom of peaceful opinion and expression since the mass demonstrations of 2015 that culminated in the October 17 Revolution in 2019, coupled with an increase in cases of persons being called for investigation on the grounds of their social media posts.

Values and Principles

Uphold Individual Freedoms

Endeavor to embed the freedom of opinion and expression as a basic right for all.

Accountability and Transparency

Ensure accountability and transparency in the Coalition’s work and between its members in the performance of their activities.


Promote solidarity with and among activists and organizations in Lebanon and the international community as a means to achieve freedom and equality.

Create a Safe Space

Create a free and open space for all to voice their views without constraints, while respecting other people’s boundaries.


Raise awareness about topics relevant to the right to freedom of opinion and expression and other related rights.


  • In order to achieve its objective of promoting and protecting the right to freedom of expression, the Coalition’s endeavors will focus on two types of activities: 1) supporting individuals and groups and 2) advocacy.
  • Intensify advocacy, communication, and awareness efforts to shed light on the disquieting violations and trends in Lebanon.
  • Allow for a pluralistic dialogue, create a safe space for criticism, uphold people’s right to seek, receive, and maintain information about human rights and the violations thereof.